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Technical Writer


Technical Writer

Producing good content is my profession. I am an experienced writer and editor with ten years of experience in the geospatial industry, writing interviews, case studies, editorials, columns and press releases for geospatial publications and as a freelancer. Please refer to the portfolio page for a full list of all my online articles. On my samples page you can find some recent writing samples. I also blog frequently here. Hire me for your next writing project.

Specialized in GIS technology

In my writing, I specialized in GIS technology, covering both open and closed source. Over the years, I have reviewed many GIS study guides and developed hands-on experience with GIS software. By learning various programming languages, I am well-versed in what libraries, techniques and languages are used by different communities in the geospatial sector. I regularly write blogs covering new GIS software releases, web API's, and make tutorials on programming languages for a technical audience.

Other areas of interest

My experience in the geospatial industry consists of writing interviews, case studies, editorials, columns and press releases for a geospatial publication and as a freelancer. Topics I have written about include:

  • big data analysis
  • remote sensing
  • map design
  • LiDAR
  • open source software
  • BIM
  • laser scanning
  • satellite imagery
  • INSPIRE & open data
  • UAV's

Why hire me for your next writing project?

As a writer and editor, I have experience with all facets of creative projects, including writing, proofreading and publishing. I maintain a high level of accuracy while delivering professional results on multiple, simultaneous projects.

As I writer, I learned how to explain difficult concepts in simple, understandable language. I am reliable and dependable in meeting objectives, hard-working and used to meet tight deadlines.