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A list of past articles, written by me. Click on the title to read the article:

3 New Features of the ArcGIS API for Python (www.geospatialtraining.com)

Melown’s full stack 3D GIS: From on-demand photogrammetry to a software stack for building map applications (www.spar3d.com)

Civil Maps releases Fingerprint Base Map at CES 2018 (www.spar3d.com)

Some thoughts on the ArcGIS API for Python 1.3 (medium.com)

Avoiding Excavation Damage with Reliable Location Data (American Surveyor)

Tutorial: Creating a Pandas DataFrame from a Shapefile (www.geospatialtraining.com)

OpenDroneMap: a Toolkit for Processing Aerial Drone Imagery (www.expouav.com)

Pix4D Extends Drone-based Imagery with Machine Learning Techniques (www.expouav.com)

Mapbox brings AR to the automotive industry (www.spar3d.com)

What the Autodesk & Esri partnership means for BIM, GIS (www.spar3d.com)

Hexagon acquires real-time 5D location intelligence vendor (www.spar3d.com)

I3S: A new OGC standard for sharing 3D geospatial content (www.spar3d.com)

Combining CAD and GIS for 3D indoor mapping and routing (www.spar3d.com)

Getting to know GeoPandas (www.geospatialtraining.com)

AR, VR and GIS have finally found each other (www.spar3d.com)

Overcoming E-commerce Testing Challenges Through Structured QA and Automation (www.xbosoft.com)

API Performance Testing Challenges (www.xbosoft.com)

Overcoming Agile Virtual Team Challenges (www.xbosoft.com)

The Challenge of Connecting GIS and IoT (www.spar3D.com)

The Importance of API Testing (www.xbosoft.com)

pandas and NumPy arrays explained (www.medium.com)

Getting to know the pandas DataFrame Object (www.medium.com)

A Deep Dive into The Internet of Things (www.medium.com)

An All-purpose Toolkit for Your Programming Career (www.medium.com)

Python API for ArcGIS Updates (www.medium.com)

Getting to know the ArcREST Python package (www.medium.com)

Location data: A commodity, the new oil, or both? (www.spar3d.com)

The Many Faces of Today´s Web GIS (www.spar3d.com)

First Impressions of the ArcGIS API for Python (www.geospatialtraining.com)

Getting to Know the SciPy Stack (www.geospatialtraining.com)

Managing Python Modules locally without Conda (www.geospatialtraining.com)

Getting Started with Conda for ArcGIS Users (www.geospatialtraining.com)

Why Python is the Future of Web GIS? (www.geoawesomeness.com)

Getting Started with Conda for ArcGIS Users (www.geospatialtraining.com)

The GBDX Cloud Platform is the Big Data Solution Geospatial Needs (www.spar3d.com)

Enter HERE: Ideal Location Tech for Digital Mapping and the Automotive Industry (www.spar3d.com)

Google Earth Enterprise and ArcGIS Earth Updates (www.geospatialtraining.com)

Getting Started with NumPy and Spatial Data (www.geospatialtraining.com)

Spatial Analytics with ArcGIS (www.geoconnexion.com)

Getting to know GeoJSON (Geospatialtraining.com)

CARTO Locations Event Review (Geoawesomeness.com)

Top 5 Most Interesting Esri DevSummit Videos (Geoawesomeness.com)

Amazing History of Maps and Diseases (Geoawesomeness.com)

Esri and R Support: The Big Picture (Geospatialtraining.com)

Getting Started with the ArcGIS-R Bridge (Geospatialtraining.com)

New Features in the ArcGIS JavaScript API 4.2 (Geospatialtraining.com)

New Features in ArcGIS Online (Geospatialtraining.com)

New Features in ArcGIS 10.5 (Geospatialtraining.com)

Introducing Arcade and the ArcGIS Python API (Geospatialtraining.com)

Programming in ArcGIS with Python – A Beginners Guide (Geoawesomeness.com)

Want to learn ArcPy? Buy this book! (Geoawesomeness.com)

Understanding How ArcPy is Organized in ArcGIS (GeospatialTraining Website)

Setting Up a Python Working Environment for ArcGIS Desktop (GeospatialTraining Website)

Custom Toolboxes and Python Toolboxes in ArcGIS (GeospatialTraining Website)

Choosing a Python Scripting Environment (GeospatialTraining website)

Web-based Map Creation and Sharing (Melown.com)

Using the ArcGIS Python window (GeospatialTraining website)

2 New Releases of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript (GeospatialTraining website)

Introducing Portal for ArcGIS (GeospatialTraining website)

Using Imagery in ArcGIS Pro (GeospatialTraining website)

Introducing the ArcGIS Python API (GeospatialTraining website)

Python in ArcGIS Pro 1.3: What’s New (GeospatialTraining website)

Displaying LiDAR Data in ArcGIS Desktop (GeospatialTraining website)

Esri and Big Data: What´s New and What's Next (GeospatialTraining website)

Introducing Drone2Map for ArcGIS (GeospatialTraining website)

Imagery Tools in ArcGIS Desktop (GeospatialTraining website)

ArcGIS Earth 1.1: What’s New and What’s Next (GeospatialTraining website)

Introducing the R-ArcGIS Bridge (GeospatialTraining website)

Widgets and the ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.0 (GeospatialTraining website)

3D Support in the ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.0 (GeospatialTraining website)

Designing Irresistible APIs (Geoawesomeness website)

ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.0 Released (GeospatialTraining website)

R y Python para Análisis Espacial (GeospatialTraining website Spain)

Python 2 vs Python 3: ¿Qué necesitas saber para cambiar de ArcMap a ArcGIS Pro? (GeospatialTraining website Spain)

Recap: FME World Tour hits Madrid, Spain (Even review, April 22, 2016)

DigitalGlobe and Big Data: The Necessity of a Platform-based approach (Interview with John-Isaac Clark, March 2016)

Designing Better Maps: A Guide for GIS Users (Book review, March 2016)

Building Apps with the Esri platform: Engaging with Developers (Interview with Eaun Cameron, Esri Inc., Feb. 2016)

Automated Point Cloud processing: Converting 3D Maps into GIS Layers (Interview with Sravan Puttagunta from Civil Maps, Feb 2016)

A 3D Web Sharing Service for Cities: Uploading, Sharing and Discussing 3D Content (Interview with Antje Kunze, SmarterBetterCities, Feb. 2016).

Esri European Developer Summit 2015 (Event review, December 2015)

An Interview with Mapbox CEO Eric Gundersen (Interview, December 2015)

Learning Geospatial Analysis with Python (Book review, December 2015)

Imagery as the Foundation of GIS (Interview with Lawrie Jordan, Director of Imagery and Remote Sensing at Esri, October 2015)

Creating Aerial Drone Maps Fast (DroneDeploy company profile, October 2015)

An Interview with Don Murray (Interview with Co-CEO of Safe Software, October 2015)

Essential Earth Imaging for GIS (Book review, October 2015)

Esri International User Conference 2015 (Event review, September 2015)

The Hexagon Imagery Program: Professional Airborne Imagery Online (page, 14+15, Article, July 2015)

Building a Pan-European Open Data Portal (p. 18+19, Article, July 2015)

Trimble's Geospatial Portfolio (p.22+23, Article, July 2015)

GIS Research Methods (p.34, Book Review, July 2015)

Abstract Machines: Humanities GIS (p.41, Book Review, July 2015)

Aerial Image Drones On The Rise (p.6-8, Article, June 2015)

Septentrio Satellite Navigation (p.10-11, Article, June 2015)

Surveying Open Brown Coal Pits (p.18-20, Article, June 2015)

Esri and Intergraph Release Data Migration Tool (p.22-23, Article, June 2015)

Mapping and Modeling Weather and Climate with GIS (p.12, Book Review, May 2015)

The Internet of Things, Big Data and More (p.28-29, Book Review, May 2015)

Essays on GIS and Geography Vol.7 (p.30, Book Review, March 2015)

Hexagon Geosystems: Interview with Juergen Dold (p.6-8, Interview, January 2015)

The First Multispectral Airborne LiDAR Sensor (Article, p.10-12, January 2015)

Trimble Expands its Focus (p.20-21, Interview, January 2015)

UAV Becomes Pervasive (p.6-8, Article, December 2014)

Intergeo 2014 Review (p.30-35, Event review, December 2014)

Mapping Time (p.41, Book review, December 2014)

The Future of FME (p.32-33, Interview, October 2014)

SuperSurv Mobile GIS App (p.34-36, Article, October 2014)

ArcGIS Pro (p.38-39, Article, October 2014)

Python Scripting and GIS (p.46-47, October 2014)

Esri International User Conference (p.32-34, Event Review, September 2014)

Photogrammetry at the Wisconsin DOT (p.26-27, Article, July 2014)

Trimble Airborne LiDAR Systems (p.36-37, Article, July 2014)

Central Coast Aerial Mapping (p.10-11, Article, June 2014)

SmarterBetterCities (p.18-20, Article, June 2014)

LiDAR and Augmented Reality: Riegl´s RiALITY app (p.6-8, Article, April 2014)

Photogrammetry at Woolpert (p.10-12, Article, April 2014)

Delivering the World: Blackbridge (p.18-21, Interview, April 2014)

An interview with Paul Ramsey (p.32-34, Interview, April 2014)

CityEngine 2013 (p.6-8, Article, March 2014)

FME 2014 Release (p.10-13, Article, March 2014)

Microdrones GmbH (p.14-16, Article, March 2014)

1st Annual European Roads GIS Summit (p34-37, Event review, March 2014)

Bentley Descartes v8i (p.6, Article, January 2014)

Leica GeoSystems interview (p.18-19, Interview, January 2014)

Cubert GmbH (p.28-29, Article, January 2014)

Astrium Services and Geo-information (p.6-8, Interview, December 2013)

Open Geospatial Consortium (p.38-39, Interview, December 2013)

Rapidlasso: Efficient Tools for LiDAR Processing (p.14-16, Interview, October 2013)

Racurs Conference Review (p.38-41, Event review, October 2013)

Intergeo 2013 Event Review (p.44-45, Event review, October 2013)

20 Years of Racurs (p.20-22, Interview, September 2013)

OpenGeo: Spatial IT and Open Source (p.34-35, Interview, September 2013)

Enabling Comprehensive Situational Awareness (p.40-41, Book review, September 2013)

Esri UC 2013 Event Review (p.44-48, Event review, September 2013)

Geoff Zeiss on CAD, BIM and Geospatial Solutions (p.10-13, Interview, July 2013)

Autodesk and Pitney Bowes Partnership (p.22-23, Article, July 2013)

FME World Tour (p.33, Event review, July 2013)

4th Annual International Rail GIS Summit (p.42-44, Event review, July 2013)

Bentley Pointools V8i (p.10-12, Article, June 2013)

New Appointment at Pitney Bowes (p.28-30, Article, June 2013)

Lining Up Data in ArcGIS (p.40-41, Book review, June 2013)

FME 2013 (p.14-15, Article, April 2013)

Exelis VIS (p.34-35, Article, April 2013)

Big Data Analysis and Location (p.22-24, Article, March 2013)

Thoughts on "Careers in GIS" (p.42-43, Article, March 2013)

3D City Modeling (p.6-8, Article, January 2013)

Data on the Move: Safe Software (p.22-23, Article, December 2012)

TerraGo (p.24-25, Article, December 2012)

Intergeo Press Conference 2012 (p.32-33, Article, December 2012)

Geography as a Platform (p.18-19, Interview, October 2012)

Gatewing´s Unmanned Aerial Systems (p.26-27, Article, October 2012)

Racurs Conference review (p.36-37, Article, October 2012)

Esri International UC 2012 (p.42-22, Event review, July 2012)

Rolta: Evolving and Expanding (p.18-19, Article, July 2012)

TomTom's Global Geocoder (p.28-29, Article, July 2012)

Bentley Map v8i (p.32-33, Article, July 2012)

Essays on Geography and GIS Vol.4 (p.51, Article, July 2012)

The Rise of OpenStreetMap (p.14-16, Article, June 2012)

Geospatial World Forum (p.38-40, Event review, June 2012)

FME 2012 (p.42-43, Interview, June 2012)

Eye on Earth: A Global Environmental Cloud Platform (p.14-17, Article, April 2012)

Esri and Mobile Technology (p.10-12, Article, March 2012)

CityEngine 2011 (p.10-12, Article, January 2012)